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How do I get started with HealthyFix?
If you know which products you want to order simply place your order now by clicking Shop Online. If you do not know which products are right for you complete a FREE Online Health Profile.

Are there special instructions for taking the supplements?
Each bottle of HealthyFix product clearly lists the recommended doses. Many people notice that they “really feel” the benefits of many of the HealthyFix supplements right away. We recommend you start by taking slightly less than the recommended doses and working up to the full dose. You should feel great while on the HealthyFix products. If at any time you don’t, please contact your consultant directly and they will be able to guide you towards the best results. If you do not know who your consultant is call our office at 713-627-8686. If you are under a physician’s care please consult with them before taking any of the HealthyFix products. To see list of ingredients click on details of each product.

What makes HealthyFix supplements so much better than other supplements I’ve tried?

HealthyFix supplements are “Nutrition you can feel”. Each formulation is designed to help the body to work naturally using the exact amount of each ingredient to give you the best results without stressing the body. Since we only use ingredients your body recognizes from foods we eat there is nothing added to throw off the body’s natural balance. We take extra steps to make sure that you get only the purest ingredients. Our customers will tell you there is no comparison to the results they have received using the HealthyFix product line.

HealthyFix supplements are made fresh approximately every 3 months. The raw materials used are the safest, highest-quality, organic ingredients available. Each ingredient is sent to an independent lab for testing to make sure of its purity before we add it to any HealthyFix supplement. After packing, under the purest conditions, the supplements are stored in climate-controlled environments to maintain potency. Since each supplement is carefully manufactured and stored you can be confident you are getting the freshest, purest ingredients. Many supplement companies prepare large volumes of supplements ready to label to wholesalers who then store them in hot warehouses before they get to the shelves and then to you. Like food, you want the freshest possible. Supplements are no different!

Are HealthyFix supplements approved by the FDA?
The FDA is not required to approve nutritional supplements prior to sale. The FDA does monitor the sale of both foods and dietary supplements, but this is largely a function of investigating a product after a complaint is received. The FDA also may from time to time review product labels for accuracy and compliance with the law. The manufacturer of the nutritional supplements is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of its products and the accuracy of the labels.

What other support does HealthyFix offer?
In addition to the many classes being taught all over the country by our Certified Nutritional Consultants we also offer the Online Nutrition Course. In addition, those taking the online nutrition course also have access to the many training conference calls and chat rooms.

Can I host a HealthyFix support group in my home or office?
Absolutely! The most successful support groups are typically held in private homes or offices. It’s a great way to stay focused as well as help the people around you become successful too. The first step is to take the Online Nutrition Course. After completion of the course you will be offered the teacher manual and training outline that gives you everything you need to host your own class.

How can I get a discount on my orders?
You can receive a 205% discount and FREE shipping on all your orders by joining the Monthly Auto Ship program. Not only will you save but by getting your order every month but those who stick with the program produce better results. To join simply click the button on the checkout page accepting Monthly Auto Ship.

Why do I have to pay shipping charges when I received my order from my consultant?
HealthyFix is set up to mail products directly to the customer or consultant. In either case, shipping and handling is charged. Our consultants know from experience that customers are often excited to start their program and don’t want to wait for a Fed Ex delivery. So the consultants will give you some of their own product instead. They will then place your order with the company and have the replacement products shipped directly to them.

What do I have to do to join the Transformation Challenge?
It’s easy! All you have to do is take your “before” picture and measurements send them to our office at HealthyFix, PO Box 6898, Incline Village Nevada 89450. Make a 12 week commitment to stay with the program and after 12 weeks take your picture and measurements and send those in. You will receive a ticket in the drawing for a cash prize and free products. For details contact

How can I become a Certified Nutritional Consultant?
You can apply for the course right now by going to

What can I do once I become a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC)?
There are a few things you need to know when promoting yourself as a CNC.
If you are not already employed as a health care professional you will need to check with your state for any restrictions on using the title Certified Nutritional Consultant. We have found that most states allow you to use the title “CNC” as long as you are working as a distributor with a company that promotes health and fitness products. The CNC certificate does not allow you to use the titles; Nutritionist or Dietician.

If you do not hold a license as an MD, RN, Nutritionist or Dietician, and are not working for a company that promotes health and fitness products, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to become an affiliate with our sponsoring company, HealthyFix. We have included some samples of HealthyFix products for you to try. It’s a great way to add income to your business. HealthyFix also offers a free online health profile that affiliates can use to promote sales. To register, visit and click on affiliate sign up at the bottom of the page.

Remember that one of the best things you can do to achieve your health goals is to help others reach theirs. Most of us will "practice what we preach", so start preaching the virtues of eating right, exercising and getting proper rest. This will make it easier for you to do these things yourself.


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