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What should I eat?

The HealthyFix mission is to change the way you look at food. When you understand that the best foods have remained unchanged for centuries, you will no longer be deceived by the next fad diet. The weight loss industry makes tons of money playing on peoples desires to look and feel better. We could hand you a menu that tells you exactly what to eat at every meal. We don’t do it because experience has taught us you will probably give up your new diet after a short time.

The conventional wisdom is that eating less is just a matter of will power. We understand it’s not. When your body is not being fed at a cellular level, no amount of will power will lead to success. You try, get frustrated, quit and then feel bad about yourself. We can stop that cycle.

Take a minute to view our video and hear how HealthyFix has changed the lives of so many people. You could be next!

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How should I eat?

Our bodies are well-designed machines. If we expect to function at optimal levels both physically and mentally we need to consume an adequate quantity and quality of food. It’s common to either eat too much or starve to exhaustion. Food should not be viewed as merely something to satisfy hunger. Although food can be pleasurable, pleasure is not its main function. Food is fuel for the body and you need to think of it that way. And you need to know how to fuel your body properly. There are certain nutrients your body needs daily to function at its optimum level. If we neglect to give our body what it needs, it will soon run out of gas or breakdown.

HealthyFix recommends a balanced diet of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Don’t be concerned if you are not sure which foods are healthy and which aren’t. HealthyFix offers a course that teaches you, in a simple way, which proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the healthiest. We also believe it is best to consume small, multiple meals throughout the day. When choosing foods, select those that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Success occurs when you develop the habit of eating 90% healthy “live” food and only 10% of the not so healthy “dead” junk food. We like to call this the 90-10 rule. “Live” food is non-processed and as close to its natural state as possible. It provides nourishment for your body, not just calories. “Dead” food is highly processed. It is typically high in calories but low in nutrients.

It’s a sad fact that most diets consist of 90% “dead” food and only 10% “live” food. We know that it takes time for your body to adjust to changes. But as it becomes accustomed to quality nutrients, you will start to crave healthier foods. When you reach that point, unhealthy foods will simply taste bad.

The most effective way to begin is not by eliminating or banning certain foods. That will only make you crave them more. Instead we suggest you start by supplementing your existing diet with quality nutrients. HealthyFix supplements are specifically designed for this. They are easy to take and absorb in your body to help you feel great right away. As you feel better you can start adding healthy foods to your diet. This method is so much easier and far more successful than following a strict diet or meal plan.

All that’s left for you to do is learn which foods are healthy and why. It takes more space to teach you this than we have available here. That is why we offer an Online Nutrition Course. The course material that we taught for many years in live classroom settings is now available to the world thanks to the Internet.

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